And in this life
hailing from planet earth
wearing rose colored glasses
always drinking from a cup that’s half full
visions to reality
a world filled with dreamalities

Libra 1, ‘06
go ahead, play tricks
on my mind…

conceive, believe, action, achieve
357 large in my hands
when it rains, it pours like sand

go beyond the call
don’t care if I fall
no one can keep me down
If I feel like I’m gonna’ drown
just tap my mastermind
they’ve got the place, they’ve got the time

Small dreams, small life
be bold…young or old
don’t matter
silly dreamer…mad hatter
don’t listen to the chatter
in my head
go now, not later
be daring, be greater

357 large in my hands
strength and struggle
go hand in hand
make a plan
take a stand
be the man
I can be…

Dreams disappear
filled with doubt, filled with fear
will I stop
three feet from the top
of the hill…I’ve got to fill
my head with dreams
sometimes it seems
that my dreams are beyond reach
practice what you preach…break the mold
be bold…let go
of jealousy, envy and behold
the power that’s about to unfold
before my eyes
and don’t ever compromise my integrity

might take awhile
go the extra mile
but before I know it
I’ll arrive in style

10,000 times equals light
Failure fueled with fight
Will ignite
My creative vision

Go, go
Don’t listen to the no
No quit, no rest
Got to get my yes

Walking down 5th avenue
In the sweltering heat
The hot city sidewalk
Melting under our feet

We enter the high line
Filled with wanderlust
I can see all around
Me’s and you’s and us

Then you go your way
And I go mine
I get a little jealous
Of the treasures you find

As I get closer
I can feel your embrace
I light up like a candle
When I see the smile on your face

Your feet fall gently
Over the end of the bed
My mind flows gently
Thoughts of you in my head

One more night
Of unending ecstasy
We’ll be back again someday

Skies filled with scrapers
Streets filled with dreams
Colliding together
When the red light turns to green

Wandering along a country path
In the distance, bright red tulips
Vibrant, warm and pulling me in
Like a lighthouse glows for her ships

Your lips as smooth as a flower petal
Your mouth, so hot it could bend metal
I’m tempted to ask if it would be too much
To give our lips the chance to touch

Hands pressed hard against hips
Standing on the edge of a cliff
Excited to think what might come next
Or if I hesitate, what I might miss

I look deeply into your eyes
So you know you can trust
That I am here to feel what I feel
Not here for greed and lust

Our warm heads and warm lips
Softly come together
We dance and sing and smile out loud
Like two birds of a feather

Will our first kiss be our last?
If it is, I want no regret
To enjoy it fully in this moment
Like a warm ocean’s sunset

What’s wrong with Johnny?
He used to be such a nice boy
Now that he’s a teenager
He’s lost the spark, lost the joy

He used to sit
When we asked him to sit
When we told him enough
He knew when to quit

Now all we get is lip
He never does as he’s told
Why can’t he be a nice boy?
Like when he was 8 years old

The teachers have had it up to here
They’re tired of all his silly stuff
There has got to be a way
For him to see enough is enough

Our boy Johnny has got us in a twist
No one knows what to do
Personally I just think he’s a teenager
You remember what we all went through

We wanted to be liked
We wanted to be cool
Anything to get attention
To be the most popular in school

You don’t want to know
What I’m thinking right now
Because if you did
You would be wondering how

How did we love?
What were we thinking?
Can we just blame it
On what we were drinking?

How did we got here
Where did we go wrong
So many turns
As we traveled along

The road of marriage
Tougher than we knew
We started out as one
And now we’re back to two

The sex was good
While it lasted
But we moved on
We just looked past it

We tried date nights
we had nothing to say
Seems we’re better
Going our own separate ways

How did we got here
Where did we go wrong
So many turns
As we traveled along

The road of marriage
Tougher than we knew
We started out as one
And now we’re back to two

But it’s harder than it looks
Our lives intertwined
Trying to unravel
The knots in our minds

We had ideas
Some grandiose plans
But it all fell apart
and I don’t give a damn

I’ve made my choice
No longer man and wife
Time for a new chapter
In this book called my life

How did we got here
Where did we go wrong
So many turns
As we traveled along

The road of marriage
Tougher than we knew
We started out as one
And now we’re back to two

When I ask if you like it
Please be honest with me
Cuz if you tell me a lie girl
That’ll be the end of me

When I ask if it looks good
You know what I want you to say
Just tell me what I want to hear girl
I can’t take it any other way

Know you don’t want to hurt me
But I know we’ll never be free
Until you open your heart girl
And be honest with me

If there was no one but us
From here to eternity
And all I wanted was the truth
Would you be honest with me?

No need to defend
Or retaliate
Just be willing to bend
Don’t break

No fear of mistake
No need to pretend
Lay it on the line
Broken hearts mend

You make your breaks
And in the end
It’s not what you got
But enjoying the bends

Been burned before
Can you do it again?
Get back to the plate
Don’t break….bend

It is the luck you make
Not the luck you take
Be willing to bend
But never, ever break

Believe in yourself
Build a circle of friends
That will catch your break
And encourage your bends

Life is what you make
You control the lens
Not picture perfect
But enjoying the bends

Celebrate your failures
Be grateful for success.
Both are part of the journey
Nothing more, nothing less.

As you think about your future
Enjoy this moment in time.
Step into your rhythms
And express your rhymes.

For you are the author
Of the way your life goes
Give it direction, take action
And go with the flow

A house on the ocean
A ride with no top
A table in the corner
Champagn bottles that pop
Black leather boots
A four star hotel
Flying in first class
Living large, living well
A shiny gold watch
Clothes made to fit
The latest gadgets
Penning a #1 hit
Keeping the lights on
Cranking the heat
Expanding my footprint
Getting more square feet
Water in bottles
Games in high def
Taking more than I need
Throwing away what’s left
Making designer kids
Curing every disease
Bringing Mother Nature
To her knees
I’ll take it all
Sure you would too
What’s the harm in
Getting a little consumed
Mortgage our future
And fly to the moon
Does any of it matter
When we’re already doomed

You think birth is the beginning and death is the end;
The joke’s on you
You think there is a past, a present and a future
The joke’s on you
You think knowledge is power
The joke’s on you
You think you know right from wrong and good from bad
The joke’s on you
Your way of keeping order is borders and bombs
The joke’s on you
You think your issues and concerns really matter
The joke’s on you
The universe is laughing
Why aren’t you?