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This is When

We met in a bar room A pretty typical start For one night of romance No risk of breaking our hearts But we couldn’t let it be We just had to try for more And that’s when it started This game of keeping score… […]


Another day, another dollar Am I getting closer to heaven Another day, another dollar Am I getting closer to hell Another day, another dollar All will be forgiven Another day, another dollar If not, it’s just as well… […]


I’ve been wondering What life is about Some days, want to keep it Other days, throw it out Why are we here Taking up space Starting to realize We are rats in the race… […]

Empty Vows

Tearing down walls never knew existed Ripping open new wounds Wrapped around and twisted Confronting our fears Will we wither on the vine Time only tells If we fade or shine… […]

The Last Song

Fuzzy images in my head Of a different life or maybe better off dead Pushing through a mountain of snow Got nowhere to leave got nowhere to go… […]


A house on the ocean A ride with no top A table in the corner Champagn bottles that pop Black leather boots A four star hotel Flying in first class Living large, living well… […]

Spaces in Time

Trying to catch a smile or hello Tougher by the day everyone on the go Look in the mirror I’m as bad as the rest Still up to me What I focus on next… […]

Back to Two

You don’t want to know What I’m thinking right now Because if you did You would be wondering how How did we love? What were we thinking? Can we just blame it On what we were drinking?… […]

5th Avenue

Walking down 5th avenue In the sweltering heat The hot city sidewalk Melting under our feet We enter the high line Filled with wanderlust I can see all around Me’s and you’s and us… […]


I was but a trickle of water that became a small stream. Feeling like a stagnant pond, filled with mud, grime and algae, dead… […]