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Working on a plan To escape, from this land Hitting the bottle Release the clutch, full throttle Mind is set to go feel the weight, moving slow Stuck in a web Hanging on til nothings left… […]

Like the Guy

Love you, like the guy Whispered mom as she said good night Sunny beaches Ocean embrace Never ending smiles On our face… […]

It Doesn’t Really Matter

Only I see what I see Only I feel what I feel Only I can say what is pretend and what is real, to me You think what you think You say what you say But it is all just noise anyway, to me… […]

A kiss

Wandering along a country path In the distance, bright red tulips Vibrant, warm and pulling me in Like a lighthouse glows for her ships Your lips as smooth as a flower petal Your mouth, so hot it could bend metal I’m tempted to ask if it would be too much To [...]


Her heart was broken, into a million tiny little pieces, for she had loved, and lost, again… […]

Lost and Found

I searched high and I searched low I searched in places I didn’t want to go I walked the streets I walked in the park I walked with friends in the light I walked alone in the dark… […]

The Obit

What will they say when I die? What I was a kind soul, a good friend, A pretty good guy? Will they speak of my dreams to make the world a better place? Never afraid to take a chance, to stare failure right in the face… […]

Say What?

If you had no gossip to spread No complaints to make No opinions to give No judgments to pass What would you have left to say?… […]

To the Top

You fight, fight, fight To get to the top and when you get there You’re stuck, like it or not You say it’s not about the money You say it’s not about the fame But there’s a haunting voice inside of you That wants them all to know your name… [...]


It seems the harder that I try the more I start to press My body starts to fight itself mind can t seem to rest I swear next time will be different next time I ll change But when the next time comes around seems to stay the same… […]