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The Gift

So many gifts Have been given and received Most are quickly forgotten A precious few, still please Treasure the mystery Inside the neatly wrapped package So much possibility More than you can imagine… […]


Opinions are like snowflakes no two are ever the same and it is easy to slip and fall on them if you’re not careful…. […]

I Am Not

I am not who you think I am I am not the food that I eat I am not the clothes that I wear I am not the words that I read I am not the words that I write… […]

Ode to Beignet

No matter how upset I am No matter how tough my day I know I’ll get a hug From my Shug, my Beignet She’s a loyal friend She’ll be with me ‘til the end She’s the perfect cure For a heart on the mend… […]


I love fluffy pancakes They make my belly smile I like to sip a latte And chill on the porch for awhile Beignet and I go for walks It’s good for our physical fitness It also gives her the opportunity To take care of her business… […]


I don’t like you You’re not very nice If I’ve told you once I’ve told you twice You are slow One speed Nick Teach you a lesson Show you a trick… […]

Be Honest With Me

When I ask if you like it Please be honest with me Cuz if you tell me a lie girl That’ll be the end of me When I ask if it looks good You know what I want you to say Just tell me what I want to hear girl I [...]

Stop Making Sense

The man tells you to be logical Says it’s easy to see Look at the world like I do Then you can be as smart as me He tells you to be practical Don’t stretch yourself too thin Do the same things that I do I’m sure you’re going to win… [...]


I started wondering What life is about Some days, keep it Other days, throw it out Why am I here Taking up space Starting to realize Just a rat in the race… […]

What Have I Become

Who am I? What have I become? My heart, cold and bleak Like a total eclipse of the sun Always a dreamer Head in the clouds Now feet firmly planted Want to scream out loud… […]