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Celebrate your failures Be grateful for success. Both are part of the journey Nothing more, nothing less. As you think about your future Enjoy this moment in time. Step into your rhythms And express your rhymes…. […]

Getting Old

When I get up in the mornin’ My back is achin’ Can’t get through the night Without something wakin’ Me up from a dream I had those Now my world is so small all thorns, no rose… […]

Side Effect of Living

My life’s a passin’ One moment at a time It’s almost over Down to my very last dime Too much time a thinkin’ Tryin’ to make a plan Worryin’ about tomorrow ‘stead of being a man… […]


Ideas are cheap Plenty for sale Need a sure bet Got one that can’t fail Take a dream Sprinkle it with love Wrap it in hope Let it soar like a dove… […]


No need to defend Or retaliate Just be willing to bend Don’t break No fear of mistake No need to pretend Lay it on the line Broken hearts mend… […]


And in this life hailing from planet earth wearing rose colored glasses always drinking from a cup that’s half full visions to reality a world filled with dreamalities… […]

Smoke and Mirrors

When business is booming You can’t wait to take their call Not so great, look like humpty dumpty Sitting on a wall All they want is a comment But you can’t be reached When your back is against the wall Will you practice what you preach?… […]


Searching for truth All we find is fiction Different points of view Different definitions Truth is what happened Not what we say Can’t trust our words With opinions in the way… […]

Look at Me!

Hey, hey look at me That’s my face on your tv Trying for a shock Looking for a draw Hell, I’ll flash anything Here, hold my bra… […]

Add It Up

What’s wrong with Johnny? He used to be such a nice boy Now that he’s a teenager He’s lost the spark, lost the joy He used to sit When we asked him to sit When we told him enough He knew when to quit… […]