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Don’t You Get It?

You think birth is the beginning and death is the end; The joke’s on you You think there is a past, a present and a future The joke’s on you You think knowledge is power The joke’s on you You think you know right from wrong and good from bad The [...]

Mother Nature

Mother Nature does not care If you are rich or you are poor She does not ask permission To release her powerful roar You are foolish and silly To think you can cage her Sooner or later you will be reminded That she is Mother Nature… […]

Dying to be Right

In a world filled with Six billion views We have labels Like Muslim, Christian and Jew We spend our lives Searching to belong But these places we find Become the gods of right and wrong… […]

Good Old Billy Snorin

Big braisin’ Billy Snorin’ Looked like a lion roarin’ He would rock and roll Push and pull And before you knew it He would grunt like a bull […]

Reecie Peacie

You’re a lover and a fighter You make my smile wider You’re my Reecie Peacie You love to kick in your bath Blazing a miracle path You’re my Reecie Peacie… […]

Our Magical Reece

You came before the due But knew the time was right It was a day for giving thanks The chance to show your fight Life is a journey Not a destination We are in awe of your will Filled with fascination… […]

The Ache

There’s an ache Won’t go away Ask it to leave But it wants to stay Keeps remindin’ What might have been Sends me off To rememberin’ when… […]


All these alarms Crying and screams Trying to make sense Of flashing screens Desats, art sticks Vents, PDAs We would do anything To make them go away… […]

The Mountains You Will Climb

You had a choice And you took the road less traveled Most get to stroll on the sidewalk But you chose to take the gravel You have the force Feel it growing inside you It is for your journey It is there to guide you… […]