In a world filled with
Six billion views
We have labels
Like Muslim, Christian and Jew

We spend our lives
Searching to belong
But these places we find
Become the gods of right and wrong

We see it on the streets
We read it in the news
No one stops to listen
Just preachin’ their views

The war on terror
And the patriot act
Keep the fictions
Confused with the facts

Actin’ like redcoats
Did we forget Boston tea
Let them pursue their own way
Of life and liberty
History books tell
One side of the story
One man’s death march
Is another man’s road to glory

In the light of day
And the dark of night
We sell our souls
To prove we’re right

With bombs on our chest
And bombs delivered from flight
No one admits wrong
We’re all dyin’ to be right

Tearing down walls
never knew existed
Ripping open new wounds
Wrapped around and twisted

Confronting our fears
Will we wither on the vine
Time only tells
If we fade or shine

Poured myself a tall one
Feels just right
Getting Drunk on being
Morning noon and night

Wake up with a hangover
A pleasure and a pain
A feeling we want
Again and again

Make no promises
No empty vows
No love to believe in
No way no how

No richer or poorer
A good place to start
It is the hear and now
No death do we part

Working on a plan
To escape, from this land
Hitting the bottle
Release the clutch, full throttle

Mind is set to go
feel the weight, moving slow
Stuck in a web
Hanging on til nothings left

Had thoughts before
Win the battle, lose the war
Fighting with myself
Put the gun, back on the shelf

Surrender to our ways
Stop judging, clear the haze
Stop waiting for better days
Stop waiting for better ways
Stop waiting, no delays

I was but a trickle of water
that became a small stream.
Feeling like a stagnant pond,
filled with mud, grime and algae, dead.
Ever in search, I began to flow
through the mountainside.
How could I have known
that your rapids were so close?
How could I have been prepared?
I wasn’t. I wouldn’t want to be.
I will trust the flow of the river of self discovery.

Big braisin’ Billy Snorin’
Looked like a lion roarin’
He would rock and roll
Push and pull
And before you knew it
He would grunt like a bull

Wacky winin’ Willy Waitor
Looked like an alligator
He would swing and twirl
Heave and hurl
And before you knew it
He would shine like a pearl

Sweet sassy Misty Hillibog
Looked like a fluffy, puffy dog
She would sit and kick
Beg and lick
And before you knew it
She would thump like a brick

Pretty pipin’ Patty Peppermint
Looked like a ginormous elephant
She would stomp and skip
Tumble and flip
And before you knew it
Should would snap like a whip
Funny fickle Phil McQuircky
Looked like a purple turkey
He would cry and wail
Then ruffle his tail
And before you knew it
He was locked up in jail

Silly slitherin’ Seymour Sillamanous
Looked like a furry hippopotamus
He would scratch and sniff
Like spaghetti, then stiff
And before you knew it
He was gone in a whiff

Fussy flippin’ Franky Fallibra
Looked like a five legged zebra
He would huff and puff
Then strut his stuff
And before you knew it
Enough was enough
Smooth n’silky Mira Matterhorn
Looked like a golden unicorn
She would jump under and over
A four leaf clover
And before you knew it
The story, was over

I love fluffy pancakes
They make my belly smile
I like to sip a latte
And chill on the porch for awhile

Beignet and I go for walks
It’s good for our physical fitness
It also gives her the opportunity
To take care of her business

Jenn and I go to the beach
And run our feet through the sand
Soak up a couple of rays
Get a little tan

I always dream big dreams
They make my heart race
Who will I meet, where will I go,
Ooooh, maybe outer space?

Life sure is fun
If you stop and chill for a sec’
Maybe you should try it yourself
Go on…what the heck!

Ideas are cheap
Plenty for sale
Need a sure bet
Got one that can’t fail

Take a dream
Sprinkle it with love
Wrap it in hope
Let it soar like a dove

Give it plenty of sun
And a little shade
Trim it every so often
If you notice it fade

Tell everyone you meet
Don’t keep it inside
It won’t have a chance
Got to give it a try

The dreams that succeed
Are the ones that don’t quit
I think someone said
Survival of the fit

Dreams are not measured
By profit or loss
But a life without dreams
Pays a heavy cost

So dream big, dream often
You must sow to reap
Now that’s an idea
That doesn’t come cheap

I am not who you think I am

I am not the food that I eat
I am not the clothes that I wear

I am not the words that I read
I am not the words that I write

I am not the looks that I give
I am not the looks that I get

I am not your opinions of me
I am not the opinions of myself

I am not my strengths
I am not my weaknesses

I am not what you say I am
I am not who you say I am

I am not the air that I breathe

I am not who I am with you
I am not who I am without you

I am not what you said about me
I am not what you say about me
I am not what you will say about me

I am not as bad as you say I am
I am not as good as you say I am

I am neither here nor there
I am not round or a square

I cuss and moan but I swear
That I am me and I am here to be

And that is nothing

And that is all

Only I see what I see
Only I feel what I feel
Only I can say what is pretend and what is real, to me

You think what you think
You say what you say
But it is all just noise anyway, to me

What gets under my skin
Does not matter to most
Do you believe in spirits and ghosts, like me?

What brings tears to my eyes
Can hit in a moment’s breath
Do you believe in life after death, like me

What sends chills down my spine
May not happen to you
The moment when old is struck by something new, to me

What fills me with sadness
Floats softly through the sky
It returns for a moment and whispers good bye, to me

It doesn’t matter
It doesn’t matter
It doesn’t matter, to me
No nothing really matters, to me

Love you, like the guy
Whispered mom
as she said
good night

Sunny beaches
Ocean embrace
Never ending smiles
On our face

First time hellos
A game of cards
A quiet stroll
Cutting through yards

Heads on the pillow
Feet finding the other
Hands wandering
Under the covers

A long walk to the rocks
A dive from the sky
Wall mounted mirrors
And a hot tub at night

A sleepy shack
And coconut cake
A simple new toy
Makes my body quake

Black mountain waterfall
Cozy cottage nights
Beauty abounds
Smells, sounds and sites

Long trail home
to my shack on Lincoln
Dogs, cats
And red wine drinkin’

Fun, play
Floating with ease
A life of adventure
However I please