So many gifts

Have been given and received

Most are quickly forgotten

A precious few, still please


Treasure the mystery

Inside the neatly wrapped package

So much possibility

More than you can imagine


Open it slowly

One fold at a time

Careful not to tear an edge

Let if breathe, like a fine wine


The gift is revealed

The mystery is gone

Feelings of anticipation

Are over, like a song

I am not who you think I am


I am not the food that I eat

I am not the clothes that I wear


I am not the words that I read

I am not the words that I write


I am not the looks that I give

I am not the looks that I get


I am not your opinions of me

I am not the opinions of myself


I am not my strengths

I am not my weaknesses


I am not what you say I am

I am not who you say I am


I am not the air that I breathe


I am not who I am with you

I am not who I am without you


I am not what you said about me

I am not what you say about me

I am not what you will say about me


I am not as bad as you say I am

I am not as good as you say I am


I am neither here nor there

I am not round or a square


I cuss and moan but I swear

That I am me and I am here to be


And that is nothing


And that is all

No matter how upset I am

No matter how tough my day

I know I’ll get a hug

From my Shug, my Beignet


She’s a loyal friend

She’ll be with me ‘til the end

She’s the perfect cure

For a heart on the mend


Even when I feel down

One look at her and I melt

I feel my spirit lifted

I forget the pain that I felt


She’s not a complex creature

Trying to find the words to say

All she wants is a belly rub

She’s my Shug, my Beignet


So when you see us together

be sure to stop and say hi

Cause I’m sure when you meet her

You’ll feel the same way as I


Now she’s not perfect

But she’s as sweet as tea

With a name full of sugar

What else could she be?


She always wants to please me

Even when she’s bad, she’s good

She’ll always be my Beignet

She’ll always be my Shug.

I love fluffy pancakes

They make my belly smile

I like to sip a latte

And chill on the porch for awhile


Beignet and I go for walks

It’s good for our physical fitness

It also gives her the opportunity

To take care of her business


Jenn and I go to the beach

And run our feet through the sand

Soak up a couple of rays

Get a little tan


I always dream big dreams

They make my heart race

Who will I meet, where will I go,

Ooooh, maybe outer space?


Life sure is fun

If you stop and chill for a sec’

Maybe you should try it yourself

Go on…what the heck!

I don’t like you

You’re not very nice

If I’ve told you once

I’ve told you twice


You are slow

One speed Nick

Teach you a lesson

Show you a trick


Open doors

Take smaller bites

Check for bed bugs

Turn off the lights


And you smack

Those potato chips

Wipe those crumbs

Off of your lips


Think of someone

Other than yourself

Better shape up

Or you’re bound for the shelf


You don’t get it

Why don’t you listen?

Big as a barn

But you keep missin’


The point,

Of it all,

Not if you rise

Not if you fall


You’re irresponsible

Can’t make a buck

If it wasn’t for me

You’d be out of luck


You’re not funny

Why can’t you laugh?

Good with numbers

You do the math



I keep givin’

Look at my life

What am I gettin’



End of the stick

There’s a whole litter

What did I pick?


You mumble

Can’t hear what you say

Same ol’ crap

Different time, different day



Not what I need

Spelling is obvious

Why can’t you read?


The writing

That is on the wall

In the summer, winter

Spring and fall


You are dumb


Stick with your lattes

I’ll keep my chai tea


You are weak

Can’t feel no muscle

You’re full of jive

But missin’ the hustle


I can’t stand it

When you complain

Stand up for yourself

You take the blame


Your promises

To me they are useless

I want results

Not more excuses


I’m sick

And I’m tired

I’ve had enough

You’re fired

When I ask if you like it

Please be honest with me

Cuz if you tell me a lie girl

That’ll be the end of me


When I ask if it looks good

You know what I want you to say

Just tell me what I want to hear girl

I can’t take it any other way


Know you don’t want to hurt me

But I know we’ll never be free

Until you open your heart girl

And be honest with me


If there was no one but us

From here to eternity

And all I wanted was the truth

Would you be honest with me?

The man tells you to be logical

Says it’s easy to see

Look at the world like I do

Then you can be as smart as me


He tells you to be practical

Don’t stretch yourself too thin

Do the same things that I do

I’m sure you’re going to win


He wants you to be agreeable

Tote the party line

Don’t bother thinking for yourself

He promises all be fine


There’s a haunting voice inside of you

Nipping at the corners of your mind

Know there’s more to life than meets the eye

You can’t ignore your thoughts this time


Don’t be afraid to be you

Don’t be afraid to stir the pot

Not all will agree with you

But now you’re calling the shot


Feel the urge to be radical

Stick your neck out on the block

Put one foot in front of the other

And you’ll never want to stop


Is your life filled with wanderlust

Do you wish it could be?

Trust me I know it’s possible

Just set your spirit free


Yes, there’s a haunting voice inside of you

Nipping at the corners of your mind

Know there’s more to life than meets the eye

You can’t ignore your thoughts this time

Who am I?

What have I become?

My heart, cold and bleak

Like a total eclipse of the sun


Always a dreamer

Head in the clouds

Now feet firmly planted

Want to scream out loud


This is not me!

Surviving day to day

Playing small

Steering clear of the fray


What will it take

To get back in the game?

Bring back the vision

Stop passing the blame


Be my commitment

Back to possibility

One step, then another

Be who I can be

Celebrate your failures

Be grateful for success.

Both are part of the journey

Nothing more, nothing less.


As you think about your future

Enjoy this moment in time.

Step into your rhythms

And express your rhymes.


For you are the author

Of the way your life goes

Give it direction, take action

And go with the flow