Hey, hey look at me
That’s my face on your tv

Trying for a shock
Looking for a draw
Hell, I’ll flash anything
Here, hold my bra

Too many channels
And websites to choose
Can’t get no attention
So don’t go and accuse

Me of doing something wrong
Just trying to make a livin’
If you can’t earn it
Then you got to start givin’

What the people want
And who is to say
What they’ll want tomorrow
What they want today
You can judge and preach
Things ain’t what they used to be
Maybe we are getting closer
To our own truth and honesty

There is a sinner and saint
In everyone of us
No matter what tale you spin
Don’t get bent and cause a fuss

We’ll go in circles
Until our time is through
Then the next beings can begin
To fear what they will lose

I searched high and I searched low
I searched in places I didn’t want to go

I walked the streets
I walked in the park
I walked with friends in the light
I walked alone in the dark

I talked to a therapist
I talked to a whore
I talked to my friends
Who just wanted to talk some more

I played with a basketball
I played with a guitar
I played with a knife
That cut deep and left a scar

I dreamed of being rich
I dreamed of being a star
I dreamed of beautiful women
In my bed, both near and far

I looked around the corner
I looked under the bed
I looked in my body
And I looked in my head

I learned how to read and write
I learned about greed and spite
I learned about the birds and the bees
I learned that life isn’t black and white

I felt the earth shake under my feet
I felt the rain pour on my face
I felt a calm flow through my bones
And felt fear leave without a trace

I listened to my teachers
I listened to the man
I listened to the fortune teller
Read the lines on my hand

I looked and I learned
I wanted and I yearned
I asked and I talked
I listened and I walked
To find myself
Only to discover
That hiding under the covers, all along,
Was me

Mother Nature does not care
If you are rich or you are poor
She does not ask permission
To release her powerful roar

You are foolish and silly
To think you can cage her
Sooner or later you will be reminded
That she is Mother Nature

She will destroy what you create
But to her she is simply breathing
She does not judge or question
What she is taking or what she is leaving

For you love to be near her
Though you know some day she will bite
You can not help but get closer
Lulled to sleep in the still of the night

She teases and you fall prey
To her gentle, sleepy breeze
You try to put a wall to stop her,
But she brings you to your knees

You sit around and blame each other
About the destruction that she brings
But she is simply playing her song
This is Mother Nature when she sings

Sometimes you love her tune
Sometimes she sounds off key
To her it is all music
Just Mother Nature’s melody

So keep trying to defy her power
As she gathers strength during your
sleeping hour

For she does not judge, lust or hate,
She does not rattle or retaliate
No, she does what she does

Not for reasons, just because
She must breathe and be
Just singing her sweet melody

All these alarms
Crying and screams
Trying to make sense
Of flashing screens

Desats, art sticks
Vents, PDAs
We would do anything
To make them go away

Too much information
All we want is hope
Like learning a foreign language
Tied in knots like a rope

Adrenalin keeps us running
Friends say “Anything you need”
Our wish is simple
A blooming flower from this seed

We desperately want to leave
But hope for a long stay
A one-of-a kind roller coaster
That takes our breath away

Not a second of regret
Never a thought of “why me”
This journey is a blessing
This is our destiny

No matter how upset I am
No matter how tough my day
I know I’ll get a hug
From my Shug, my Beignet

She’s a loyal friend
She’ll be with me ‘til the end
She’s the perfect cure
For a heart on the mend

Even when I feel down
One look at her and I melt
I feel my spirit lifted
I forget the pain that I felt

She’s not a complex creature
Trying to find the words to say
All she wants is a belly rub
She’s my Shug, my Beignet

So when you see us together
be sure to stop and say hi
Cause I’m sure when you meet her
You’ll feel the same way as I

Now she’s not perfect
But she’s as sweet as tea
With a name full of sugar
What else could she be?

She always wants to please me
Even when she’s bad, she’s good
She’ll always be my Beignet
She’ll always be my Shug.

You came before the due
But knew the time was right
It was a day for giving thanks
The chance to show your fight

Life is a journey
Not a destination
We are in awe of your will
Filled with fascination

Every day is a blessing
Learning something new
A breath, a yawn, a smile
Carving a path only few

Patience is a virtue
You’ve got it in spades
We stare at you for hours
Reece, we are all amazed

It’s not where you start
But how well you play
With you we have learned
To let you lead the way

A fighter through and through
There’s no stopping you
You won’t believe the stories
We promise they are true
We felt the fear inside
But knew you would be fine
Like sunrays on the ocean
We can’t wait to see you shine

Like a crystal clear diamond
Perfect cut and clarity
Those eyes make us melt
Our spirits move like the sea

We are blessed by your presence
Grateful for this chance
We treasure every moment
We appreciate this dance

Born of hope
Raised on possibility
The world is your oyster
Go on and see what you can be

It seems the harder that I try
the more I start to press
My body starts to fight itself
mind can t seem to rest

I swear next time will be different
next time I ll change
But when the next time comes around
seems to stay the same

I’m twisted up in knots
I’m moving fast but going slow
I’ve got to loosen up my grip
I’ve got to start letting go

My mind is focused on the prize
arrow pointed at the eye
But somehow I lose the nerve
lose the will to try

I know I’ve heard this before
keep working hard you ll get the call
But the more time I seem to spend
more I seem to fall

Maybe the time has finally come
hear what others have to say
And stop listening to my head
let my feelings lead the way

Another day, another dollar
Am I getting closer to heaven

Another day, another dollar
Am I getting closer to hell

Another day, another dollar
All will be forgiven

Another day, another dollar
If not, it’s just as well

Are we destroying our planet
I’d give you odds that we are
Need more water we just dam it
Better find a new star

Want to make the world better
try to do the right thing
But we’re just human, not perfect
Oh the lure of cha ching

The rich find ways
To sell to the poor
But the poor end up with less
And the rich just get more

Not complainin’ just sayin’
We need to make a new deal
Change the game we’re playin’
If you want to get to what’s real

I’m just singing a song
From my own point of view
Don’t care if you believe me
Don’t want anything from you

The words that I write
And the stories that I tell
Is what I leave in this life
Come heaven or hell

Another day, another dollar
Am I getting closer to heaven

Another day, another dollar
Am I getting closer to hell

Another day, another dollar
All will be forgiven

Another day, another dollar
If not, it’s just as well

You’re a lover and a fighter
You make my smile wider
You’re my Reecie Peacie
You love to kick in your bath
Blazing a miracle path
You’re my Reecie Peacie

You love to give me a wink
You look adorable in pink
You’re my Reecie Peacie

Your eyes are as blue
As my love for you is true
You’re my Reecie Peacie

You amaze me everyday
Where there’s a will there’s a way
You’re my Reecie Peacie

You love to give me a roar
Being your Daddy, there’s nothing more
You’re my Reecie Peacie
You’re my Reecie Peacie
What life’s all about
You’re my Reecie Peacie
Got to shout it out
You’re my Reecie Peacie