What will they say when I die?
What I was a kind soul, a good friend,
A pretty good guy?

Will they speak of my dreams
to make the world a better place?
Never afraid to take a chance,
to stare failure right in the face.

Will they say I was a good son,
husband and brother?
Will they remember I was always eager
to connect one hand to another?

Will they remember my easy going style
and the efforts that I made,
to help others be all they could be…
or will those memories fade?fade

Will they talk
about my struggles to focus,
going from one idea to another
a lot of hot air and hocus pocus.

Or that I was lazy, a liar,
a sneak and a cheat,
trying to pretend I was perfect,
avoiding sticky issues to escape the heat.

Will they know about my demons,
always fighting to break free?
Never sure if I’ll amount to any good,
always torn with who I should be.

No I doubt they’ll bring up the ugly stuff.
Keep those memories warm and sweet.
Another opportunity lost,
To acknowledge the beauty
AND the

We met in a bar room
A pretty typical start
For one night of romance
No risk of breaking our hearts
But we couldn’t let it be
We just had to try for more
And that’s when it started
This game of keeping score
This is when I would say I love you
That’s the way it’s supposed to go
But if I say I love you
What comes next, we both know
Started wondering what you’re thinking
Does you still think of other men
Will this spark become a love affair
That will tear me down in the end
My friends keep asking questions
Want to know what’s become of us
It’s a slippery slope we’re sliding
That leads to pain and jealousness
This isn’t what we wanted
No, it’s not what we planned
If we talked we could have avoided
Feel like a log approaching the dam
This is when I would say I love you
That’s the way it’s supposed to go
But if I say I love you
What comes next, we both know
I know I shouldn’t worry
Cause worrying won’t make it better
But I know I’ll need help
When it comes time to forget her
Yeh I know I’ll need help
Trying to forget her
This is when I would say I love you
That’s the way it’s supposed to go
But if I say I love you
What comes next, we both know

You fight, fight, fight
To get to the top
and when you get there
You’re stuck, like it or not

You say it’s not about the money
You say it’s not about the fame
But there’s a haunting voice inside of you
That wants them all to know your name

Was it a moment in your childhood?
Was it a strike or something said?
What made you feel so insecure
That keeps you trapped in your bed

I know what you’re thinking
“Hey, give me a shot”
You get trapped in the game
Lose yourself, like it or not

You’ll get knocked from the top
Won’t see the gift you’ve been given
The chance to finally find yourself
The chance to really start livin’

No, you’ll fight, fight, fight
To get back to the top
But you’ll find that no one cares
And you’re stuck, like it or not

Searching for truth
All we find is fiction
Different points of view
Different definitions

Truth is what happened
Not what we say
Can’t trust our words
With opinions in the way

Truth is a weapon
Mightier than the sword
Keeps us in line
Spinning tales we can’t afford

There is no truth
We are a pile of lies
Don’t like the way it looks
Put on another disguise

So little time, so many worlds
Some we see, others we hide
Can’t trust ourselves
No where we can confide

We are scared of the truth
And what it my reveal
Loose lips sink ships
Not how it looks, but how we feel

Feelings show the truth
A picture in need of no words
Shows a simple point in time
No matter if it helps or if it hurts

The truth hurts
and it heals
It wins
And loses deals
The truth is hard
and it is soft
And you think you’ve found it
But at what cost?

This is just one man’s opinion
So take it with a grain of salt
No closer to the truth
No one to blame, no one’s fault

It just is what it is
And not what it’s not
Don’t remember what I said
No worries…I already forgot

I don’t like you
You’re not very nice
If I’ve told you once
I’ve told you twice

You are slow
One speed Nick
Teach you a lesson
Show you a trick

Open doors
Take smaller bites
Check for bed bugs
Turn off the lights

And you smack
Those potato chips
Wipe those crumbs
Off of your lips

Think of someone
Other than yourself
Better shape up
Or you’re bound for the shelf

You don’t get it
Why don’t you listen?
Big as a barn
But you keep missin’

The point,
Of it all,
Not if you rise
Not if you fall

You’re irresponsible
Can’t make a buck
If it wasn’t for me
You’d be out of luck

You’re not funny
Why can’t you laugh?
Good with numbers
You do the math

I keep givin’
Look at my life
What am I gettin’

End of the stick
There’s a whole litter
What did I pick?

You mumble
Can’t hear what you say
Same ol’ crap
Different time, different day

Not what I need
Spelling is obvious
Why can’t you read?

The writing
That is on the wall
In the summer, winter
Spring and fall

You are dumb
Stick with your lattes
I’ll keep my chai tea

You are weak
Can’t feel no muscle
You’re full of jive
But missin’ the hustle

I can’t stand it
When you complain
Stand up for yourself
You take the blame

Your promises
To me they are useless
I want results
Not more excuses

I’m sick
And I’m tired
I’ve had enough
You’re fired

I’ve been wondering
What life is about
Some days, want to keep it
Other days, throw it out

Why are we here
Taking up space
Starting to realize
We are rats in the race

I sit and wonder
Are we part of a plan
Intelligent creatures
Maybe just a grain of sand

A flash in the pan
A glimmer of hope
Go back and forth
Just depends on the scope

We say it’s all good
But are we for real
Looks different from here
Gues it depends on your deal

I’m trying to understand
make sense of it all
My mind spins tales
Of my rise and fall

They say life’s a journey
Not about where we’re going
I feel stuck in the back seat
Restless not knowing

Gone before you know it
Knowing don’t help a lick
Why am I trying to figure it out
When it’s all just a magic trick

Who am I?
What have I become?
My heart, cold and bleak
Like a total eclipse of the sun

Always a dreamer
Head in the clouds
Now feet firmly planted
Want to scream out loud

This is not me!
Surviving day to day
Playing small
Steering clear of the fray

What will it take
To get back in the game?
Bring back the vision
Stop passing the blame

Be my commitment
Back to possibility
One step, then another
Be who I can be

When I get up in the mornin’
My back is achin’
Can’t get through the night
Without something wakin’

Me up from a dream
I had those
Now my world is so small
all thorns, no rose

Green grass and open fields
I used to feel so alive
Now it’s day to day
Just trying to survive

What used to take a minute
Now takes a day
Wouldn’t take so long
If I wasn’t stuck in my ways

Please don’t call me mister
I don’t fit the role
Save it for when I’m sixty
You know, like when I’m really, really old

Oh, to be a kid again
Full of curiosity and wonder
Let go of your rain
And grab life by the thunder

Stop the complaining
And cut out all the worry
You’ll be dead soon enough
So don’t be in such a hurry

Eat your fruits and veggies
Get plenty of sleep and exercise
Everything in moderation
Will help you realize

The dreams that are buried
Deep in the corner of your soul
Let them see the light
And you will again feel whole

Like a kid
In the candy store
Where you can’t get enough
And you want more, more, more

And no was only no
Until you heard a yes
And you didn’t care any more
And you didn’t care any less

You were just living in the moment
Didn’t know any better
You’ve got one life to live
So go on, go out and get her