Mother Nature does not care

If you are rich or you are poor

She does not ask permission

To release her powerful roar


You are foolish and silly

To think you can cage her

Sooner or later you will be reminded

That she is Mother Nature


She will destroy what you create

But to her she is simply breathing

She does not judge or question

What she is taking or what she is leaving


For you love to be near her

Though you know some day she will bite

You can not help but get closer

Lulled to sleep in the still of the night


She teases and you fall prey

To her gentle, sleepy breeze

You try to put a wall to stop her,

But she brings you to your knees


You sit around and blame each other

About the destruction that she brings

But she is simply playing her song

This is Mother Nature when she sings


Sometimes you love her tune

Sometimes she sounds off key

To her it is all music

Just Mother Nature’s melody


So keep trying to defy her power

As she gathers strength during your

sleeping hour


For she does not judge, lust or hate,

She does not rattle or retaliate

No, she does what she does


Not for reasons, just because

She must breathe and be

Just singing her sweet melody

In a world filled with

Six billion views

We have labels

Like Muslim, Christian and Jew


We spend our lives

Searching to belong

But these places we find

Become the gods of right and wrong


We see it on the streets

We read it in the news

No one stops to listen

Just preachin’ their views


The war on terror

And the patriot act

Keep the fictions

Confused with the facts


Actin’ like redcoats

Did we forget Boston tea

Let them pursue their own way

Of life and liberty

History books tell

One side of the story

One man’s death march

Is another man’s road to glory


In the light of day

And the dark of night

We sell our souls

To prove we’re right


With bombs on our chest

And bombs delivered from flight

No one admits wrong

We’re all dyin’ to be right

Big braisin’ Billy Snorin’

Looked like a lion roarin’

He would rock and roll

Push and pull

And before you knew it

He would grunt like a bull


Wacky winin’ Willy Waitor

Looked like an alligator

He would swing and twirl

Heave and hurl

And before you knew it

He would shine like a pearl


Sweet sassy Misty Hillibog

Looked like a fluffy, puffy dog

She would sit and kick

Beg and lick

And before you knew it

She would thump like a brick


Pretty pipin’ Patty Peppermint

Looked like a ginormous elephant

She would stomp and skip

Tumble and flip

And before you knew it

Should would snap like a whip

Funny fickle Phil McQuircky

Looked like a purple turkey

He would cry and wail

Then ruffle his tail

And before you knew it

He was locked up in jail


Silly slitherin’ Seymour Sillamanous

Looked like a furry hippopotamus

He would scratch and sniff

Like spaghetti, then stiff

And before you knew it

He was gone in a whiff


Fussy flippin’ Franky Fallibra

Looked like a five legged zebra

He would huff and puff

Then strut his stuff

And before you knew it

Enough was enough

Smooth n’silky Mira Matterhorn

Looked like a golden unicorn

She would jump under and over

A four leaf clover

And before you knew it

The story, was over

You’re a lover and a fighter

You make my smile wider

You’re my Reecie Peacie

You love to kick in your bath

Blazing a miracle path

You’re my Reecie Peacie


You love to give me a wink

You look adorable in pink

You’re my Reecie Peacie


Your eyes are as blue

As my love for you is true

You’re my Reecie Peacie


You amaze me everyday

Where there’s a will there’s a way

You’re my Reecie Peacie


You love to give me a roar

Being your Daddy, there’s nothing more

You’re my Reecie Peacie

You’re my Reecie Peacie

What life’s all about

You’re my Reecie Peacie

Got to shout it out

You’re my Reecie Peacie

You came before the due

But knew the time was right

It was a day for giving thanks

The chance to show your fight


Life is a journey

Not a destination

We are in awe of your will

Filled with fascination


Every day is a blessing

Learning something new

A breath, a yawn, a smile

Carving a path only few


Patience is a virtue

You’ve got it in spades

We stare at you for hours

Reece, we are all amazed


It’s not where you start

But how well you play

With you we have learned

To let you lead the way


A fighter through and through

There’s no stopping you

You won’t believe the stories

We promise they are true

We felt the fear inside

But knew you would be fine

Like sunrays on the ocean

We can’t wait to see you shine


Like a crystal clear diamond

Perfect cut and clarity

Those eyes make us melt

Our spirits move like the sea


We are blessed by your presence

Grateful for this chance

We treasure every moment

We appreciate this dance


Born of hope

Raised on possibility

The world is your oyster

Go on and see what you can be

There’s an ache

Won’t go away

Ask it to leave

But it wants to stay


Keeps remindin’

What might have been

Sends me off

To rememberin’ when


So, so small

But the ache is so wide

Trade my tomorrows

For another good-bye


I miss the tears

Want them again

A sign of life

Helps my broken heart mend


Wish I could bury

This ache in my heart

Takes me down

Rips me apart


Feel your presence

Every day

Your sister Reece

Makes it all okay


Oh my Graham

Oh my Son

A burst of light

You are the one


Differences made

Not measured in days

Pure and simple

Showing me the way

All these alarms

Crying and screams

Trying to make sense

Of flashing screens


Desats, art sticks

Vents, PDAs

We would do anything

To make them go away


Too much information

All we want is hope

Like learning a foreign language

Tied in knots like a rope


Adrenalin keeps us running

Friends say “Anything you need”

Our wish is simple

A blooming flower from this seed


We desperately want to leave

But hope for a long stay

A one-of-a kind roller coaster

That takes our breath away


Not a second of regret

Never a thought of “why me”

This journey is a blessing

This is our destiny

You had a choice

And you took the road less traveled

Most get to stroll on the sidewalk

But you chose to take the gravel


You have the force

Feel it growing inside you

It is for your journey

It is there to guide you


Oh the stories they will tell

Of the mountains that you climbed

And the hurdles that you leapt

The doubts you left behind


Don’t give up on hope

For that is when we perish

It is the miracle you are becoming

That we all will grow to cherish


For life is a risk worth taking

Though we are tested now and then

We thank you for this chance

We would do it all again


For Reece and Graham, from Dad
November 23, 2006