All these alarms
Crying and screams
Trying to make sense
Of flashing screens

Desats, art sticks
Vents, PDAs
We would do anything
To make them go away

Too much information
All we want is hope
Like learning a foreign language
Tied in knots like a rope

Adrenalin keeps us running
Friends say “Anything you need”
Our wish is simple
A blooming flower from this seed

We desperately want to leave
But hope for a long stay
A one-of-a kind roller coaster
That takes our breath away

Not a second of regret
Never a thought of “why me”
This journey is a blessing
This is our destiny

You came before the due
But knew the time was right
It was a day for giving thanks
The chance to show your fight

Life is a journey
Not a destination
We are in awe of your will
Filled with fascination

Every day is a blessing
Learning something new
A breath, a yawn, a smile
Carving a path only few

Patience is a virtue
You’ve got it in spades
We stare at you for hours
Reece, we are all amazed

It’s not where you start
But how well you play
With you we have learned
To let you lead the way

A fighter through and through
There’s no stopping you
You won’t believe the stories
We promise they are true
We felt the fear inside
But knew you would be fine
Like sunrays on the ocean
We can’t wait to see you shine

Like a crystal clear diamond
Perfect cut and clarity
Those eyes make us melt
Our spirits move like the sea

We are blessed by your presence
Grateful for this chance
We treasure every moment
We appreciate this dance

Born of hope
Raised on possibility
The world is your oyster
Go on and see what you can be

There’s an ache
Won’t go away
Ask it to leave
But it wants to stay

Keeps remindin’
What might have been
Sends me off
To rememberin’ when

So, so small
But the ache is so wide
Trade my tomorrows
For another good-bye

I miss the tears
Want them again
A sign of life
Helps my broken heart mend

Wish I could bury
This ache in my heart
Takes me down
Rips me apart

Feel your presence
Every day
Your sister Reece
Makes it all okay

Oh my Graham
Oh my Son
A burst of light
You are the one

Differences made
Not measured in days
Pure and simple
Showing me the way

You had a choice
And you took the road less traveled
Most get to stroll on the sidewalk
But you chose to take the gravel

You have the force
Feel it growing inside you
It is for your journey
It is there to guide you

Oh the stories they will tell
Of the mountains that you climbed
And the hurdles that you leapt
The doubts you left behind

Don’t give up on hope
For that is when we perish
It is the miracle you are becoming
That we all will grow to cherish

For life is a risk worth taking
Though we are tested now and then
We thank you for this chance
We would do it all again

For Reece and Graham, from Dad
November 23, 2006