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We met in a bar room
A pretty typical start
For one night of romance
No risk of breaking our hearts

But we couldn't let it be
We just had to try for more
And that's when it started
This game of keeping score...

Another day, another dollar
Am I getting closer to heaven

Another day, another dollar
Am I getting closer to hell

Another day, another dollar
All will be forgiven

Another day, another dollar
If not, it’s just as well...

I’ve been wondering
What life is about
Some days, want to keep it
Other days, throw it out

Why are we here
Taking up space
Starting to realize
We are rats in the race...

Tearing down walls
never knew existed
Ripping open new wounds
Wrapped around and twisted

Confronting our fears
Will we wither on the vine
Time only tells
If we fade or shine...

Fuzzy images in my head
Of a different life or maybe better off dead

Pushing through a mountain of snow
Got nowhere to leave got nowhere to go...

A house on the ocean
A ride with no top
A table in the corner
Champagn bottles that pop
Black leather boots
A four star hotel
Flying in first class
Living large, living well...

Trying to catch
a smile or hello
Tougher by the day
everyone on the go
Look in the mirror
I’m as bad as the rest
Still up to me
What I focus on next...

You don't want to know
What I'm thinking right now
Because if you did
You would be wondering how

How did we love?
What were we thinking?
Can we just blame it
On what we were drinking?...

Walking down 5th avenue
In the sweltering heat
The hot city sidewalk
Melting under our feet

We enter the high line
Filled with wanderlust
I can see all around
Me's and you's and us...

I was but a trickle of water
that became a small stream.
Feeling like a stagnant pond,
filled with mud, grime and algae, dead...

Working on a plan
To escape, from this land
Hitting the bottle
Release the clutch, full throttle

Mind is set to go
feel the weight, moving slow
Stuck in a web
Hanging on til nothings left...

Only I see what I see
Only I feel what I feel
Only I can say what is pretend and what is real, to me

You think what you think
You say what you say
But it is all just noise anyway, to me...

Wandering along a country path
In the distance, bright red tulips
Vibrant, warm and pulling me in
Like a lighthouse glows for her ships

Your lips as smooth as a flower petal
Your mouth, so hot it could bend metal
I'm tempted to ask if it

I searched high and I searched low
I searched in places I didn't want to go

I walked the streets
I walked in the park

I walked with friends in the light
I walked alone in the dark...

What will they say when I die?
What I was a kind soul, a good friend,
A pretty good guy?

Will they speak of my dreams
to make the world a better place?
Never afraid to take a chance,
to stare failure right in the face...

If you had no gossip to spread
No complaints to make
No opinions to give
No judgments to pass
What would you have left to say?...

You fight, fight, fight
To get to the top
and when you get there
You’re stuck, like it or not

You say it’s not about the money
You say it’s not about the fame
But there’s a haunting voice inside of you
That wants them all to

It seems the harder that I try
the more I start to press
My body starts to fight itself
mind can t seem to rest

I swear next time will be different
next time I ll change
But when the next time comes around
seems to stay

So many gifts
Have been given and received
Most are quickly forgotten
A precious few, still please

Treasure the mystery
Inside the neatly wrapped package
So much possibility
More than you can imagine...

Opinions are like snowflakes
no two are ever the same
and it is easy
to slip and fall on them if you’re not careful....

I am not who you think I am

I am not the food that I eat
I am not the clothes that I wear

I am not the words that I read
I am not the words that I write...

No matter how upset I am
No matter how tough my day
I know I’ll get a hug
From my Shug, my Beignet

She’s a loyal friend
She’ll be with me ‘til the end
She’s the perfect cure
For a heart on the mend...

I love fluffy pancakes
They make my belly smile
I like to sip a latte
And chill on the porch for awhile

Beignet and I go for walks
It’s good for our physical fitness
It also gives her the opportunity
To take care of her business...

I don’t like you
You’re not very nice
If I’ve told you once
I’ve told you twice

You are slow
One speed Nick
Teach you a lesson
Show you a trick...

When I ask if you like it
Please be honest with me
Cuz if you tell me a lie girl
That’ll be the end of me

When I ask if it looks good
You know what I want you to say
Just tell me what I

The man tells you to be logical
Says it’s easy to see
Look at the world like I do
Then you can be as smart as me

He tells you to be practical
Don’t stretch yourself too thin
Do the same things that I do
I’m sure

I started wondering
What life is about
Some days, keep it
Other days, throw it out

Why am I here
Taking up space
Starting to realize
Just a rat in the race...

Who am I?
What have I become?
My heart, cold and bleak
Like a total eclipse of the sun

Always a dreamer
Head in the clouds
Now feet firmly planted
Want to scream out loud...

Celebrate your failures
Be grateful for success.
Both are part of the journey
Nothing more, nothing less.

As you think about your future
Enjoy this moment in time.
Step into your rhythms
And express your rhymes....

When I get up in the mornin'
My back is achin'
Can't get through the night
Without something wakin'

Me up from a dream
I had those
Now my world is so small
all thorns, no rose...

My life's a passin'
One moment at a time
It's almost over
Down to my very last dime

Too much time a thinkin'
Tryin' to make a plan
Worryin' about tomorrow
'stead of being a man...

Ideas are cheap
Plenty for sale
Need a sure bet
Got one that can't fail

Take a dream
Sprinkle it with love
Wrap it in hope
Let it soar like a dove...

No need to defend
Or retaliate
Just be willing to bend
Don't break

No fear of mistake
No need to pretend
Lay it on the line
Broken hearts mend...


And in this life
hailing from planet earth
wearing rose colored glasses
always drinking from a cup that’s half full
visions to reality
a world filled with dreamalities...

When business is booming
You can’t wait to take their call
Not so great, look like humpty dumpty
Sitting on a wall

All they want is a comment
But you can’t be reached
When your back is against the wall
Will you practice what you preach?...

Searching for truth
All we find is fiction
Different points of view
Different definitions

Truth is what happened
Not what we say
Can't trust our words
With opinions in the way...

Hey, hey look at me
That's my face on your tv

Trying for a shock
Looking for a draw
Hell, I'll flash anything
Here, hold my bra...

What’s wrong with Johnny?
He used to be such a nice boy
Now that he’s a teenager
He’s lost the spark, lost the joy

He used to sit
When we asked him to sit
When we told him enough
He knew when to quit...

You think birth is the beginning and death is the end;
The joke’s on you
You think there is a past, a present and a future
The joke’s on you
You think knowledge is power
The joke’s on you
You think you know right from wrong

Mother Nature does not care
If you are rich or you are poor
She does not ask permission
To release her powerful roar

You are foolish and silly
To think you can cage her
Sooner or later you will be reminded
That she is Mother Nature...

In a world filled with
Six billion views
We have labels
Like Muslim, Christian and Jew

We spend our lives
Searching to belong
But these places we find
Become the gods of right and wrong...

You're a lover and a fighter
You make my smile wider
You're my Reecie Peacie

You love to kick in your bath
Blazing a miracle path
You're my Reecie Peacie...

You came before the due
But knew the time was right
It was a day for giving thanks
The chance to show your fight

Life is a journey
Not a destination
We are in awe of your will
Filled with fascination...

There's an ache
Won't go away
Ask it to leave
But it wants to stay

Keeps remindin'
What might have been
Sends me off
To rememberin' when...

All these alarms
Crying and screams
Trying to make sense
Of flashing screens

Desats, art sticks
Vents, PDAs
We would do anything
To make them go away...

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