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Volume 1 Ep.

Writing sing-song poetry for years as a way to express my feelings and experiences, in recent years I have given myself permission to share my voice, too.

In Drumbeat, I recognize just how short life is and remind myself, and you, to get on with it already.

Wondering contemplates the meaning of life, or lack there of and in Side Effect of Livin’, I acknowledge that right now, any “right now”, is as good as it gets.

On Train to Nowhere, you travel along a fictional tale of life going nowhere, so you can’t get lost and at the same time, traveling so fast, there’s no point getting off, either.

Back to Two, deals directly with the dissolution of my marriage and The Way It Goes, is a pre-emptive strike for anyone that has an interest getting involved in a relationship, with me, or likely, with just about anyone.

I invite you to pay close attention to the lyrics, ponder and reflect and hopefully enjoy the songs, too, but more importantly, hear something that inspires you to go ahead and get on with it already.

Views in Progress Volume 1 Ep.

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Side Effect of Livin'

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Train to Nowhere

Back to Two

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The Way It Goes