I’ve been wondering

What life is about

Some days, want to keep it

Other days, throw it out


Why are we here

Taking up space

Starting to realize

We are rats in the race


I sit and wonder

Are we part of a plan

Intelligent creatures

Maybe just a grain of sand


A flash in the pan

A glimmer of hope

Go back and forth

Just depends on the scope


We say it’s all good

But are we for real

Looks different from here

Gues it depends on your deal


I’m trying to understand

make sense of it all

My mind spins tales

Of my rise and fall


They say life’s a journey

Not about where we’re going

I feel stuck in the back seat

Restless not knowing


Gone before you know it

Knowing don’t help a lick

Why am I trying to figure it out

When it’s all just a magic trick