And in this life
hailing from planet earth
wearing rose colored glasses
always drinking from a cup that’s half full
visions to reality
a world filled with dreamalities

Libra 1, ‘06
go ahead, play tricks
on my mind…

conceive, believe, action, achieve
357 large in my hands
when it rains, it pours like sand

go beyond the call
don’t care if I fall
no one can keep me down
If I feel like I’m gonna’ drown
just tap my mastermind
they’ve got the place, they’ve got the time

Small dreams, small life
be bold…young or old
don’t matter
silly dreamer…mad hatter
don’t listen to the chatter
in my head
go now, not later
be daring, be greater

357 large in my hands
strength and struggle
go hand in hand
make a plan
take a stand
be the man
I can be…

Dreams disappear
filled with doubt, filled with fear
will I stop
three feet from the top
of the hill…I’ve got to fill
my head with dreams
sometimes it seems
that my dreams are beyond reach
practice what you preach…break the mold
be bold…let go
of jealousy, envy and behold
the power that’s about to unfold
before my eyes
and don’t ever compromise my integrity

might take awhile
go the extra mile
but before I know it
I’ll arrive in style

10,000 times equals light
Failure fueled with fight
Will ignite
My creative vision

Go, go
Don’t listen to the no
No quit, no rest
Got to get my yes

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