A kiss

Wandering along a country path
In the distance, bright red tulips
Vibrant, warm and pulling me in
Like a lighthouse glows for her ships

Your lips as smooth as a flower petal
Your mouth, so hot it could bend metal
I’m tempted to ask if it would be too much
To give our lips the chance to touch

Hands pressed hard against hips
Standing on the edge of a cliff
Excited to think what might come next
Or if I hesitate, what I might miss

I look deeply into your eyes
So you know you can trust
That I am here to feel what I feel
Not here for greed and lust

Our warm heads and warm lips
Softly come together
We dance and sing and smile out loud
Like two birds of a feather

Will our first kiss be our last?
If it is, I want no regret
To enjoy it fully in this moment
Like a warm ocean’s sunset

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