Dying to be Right

In a world filled with
Six billion views
We have labels
Like Muslim, Christian and Jew

We spend our lives
Searching to belong
But these places we find
Become the gods of right and wrong

We see it on the streets
We read it in the news
No one stops to listen
Just preachin’ their views

The war on terror
And the patriot act
Keep the fictions
Confused with the facts

Actin’ like redcoats
Did we forget Boston tea
Let them pursue their own way
Of life and liberty
History books tell
One side of the story
One man’s death march
Is another man’s road to glory

In the light of day
And the dark of night
We sell our souls
To prove we’re right

With bombs on our chest
And bombs delivered from flight
No one admits wrong
We’re all dyin’ to be right

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