Let’s face it, we all have things in our life that drive us crazy. Maybe something annoys us for a few seconds maybe a couple of minutes but we are able to move through it and get on with our day.

For me being an idealist by nature I have had to learn to be a pragmatic idealist to survive day to day in this crazy world.

Sometimes though I can’t get through it as easily and in fact, it is so maddening that I feel the urge to say something.

And when I say something my goal is to offer a point of view, a possible framework, a way, hopefully to open up a dialogue for new possibilities.

My objective is not to complain but to step back and try and imagine what might be possible if we looked at an issue from a systemic point of view and what might be possible if we were able to invent an entirely new conversation around a particular subject matter.

I don’t pretend to believe that I have the answers or the solutions and I am not trying to be critical of any one individual but looking at the broader context, recognizing that my frustrations are likely not individual to me and therefore, might provide an opening for a new conversation into what is possible for us as humans here on earth.
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