Getting Old

When I get up in the mornin’
My back is achin’
Can’t get through the night
Without something wakin’

Me up from a dream
I had those
Now my world is so small
all thorns, no rose

Green grass and open fields
I used to feel so alive
Now it’s day to day
Just trying to survive

What used to take a minute
Now takes a day
Wouldn’t take so long
If I wasn’t stuck in my ways

Please don’t call me mister
I don’t fit the role
Save it for when I’m sixty
You know, like when I’m really, really old

Oh, to be a kid again
Full of curiosity and wonder
Let go of your rain
And grab life by the thunder

Stop the complaining
And cut out all the worry
You’ll be dead soon enough
So don’t be in such a hurry

Eat your fruits and veggies
Get plenty of sleep and exercise
Everything in moderation
Will help you realize

The dreams that are buried
Deep in the corner of your soul
Let them see the light
And you will again feel whole

Like a kid
In the candy store
Where you can’t get enough
And you want more, more, more

And no was only no
Until you heard a yes
And you didn’t care any more
And you didn’t care any less

You were just living in the moment
Didn’t know any better
You’ve got one life to live
So go on, go out and get her

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