Good Old Billy Snorin

Big braisin’ Billy Snorin’
Looked like a lion roarin’
He would rock and roll
Push and pull
And before you knew it
He would grunt like a bull

Wacky winin’ Willy Waitor
Looked like an alligator
He would swing and twirl
Heave and hurl
And before you knew it
He would shine like a pearl

Sweet sassy Misty Hillibog
Looked like a fluffy, puffy dog
She would sit and kick
Beg and lick
And before you knew it
She would thump like a brick

Pretty pipin’ Patty Peppermint
Looked like a ginormous elephant
She would stomp and skip
Tumble and flip
And before you knew it
Should would snap like a whip
Funny fickle Phil McQuircky
Looked like a purple turkey
He would cry and wail
Then ruffle his tail
And before you knew it
He was locked up in jail

Silly slitherin’ Seymour Sillamanous
Looked like a furry hippopotamus
He would scratch and sniff
Like spaghetti, then stiff
And before you knew it
He was gone in a whiff

Fussy flippin’ Franky Fallibra
Looked like a five legged zebra
He would huff and puff
Then strut his stuff
And before you knew it
Enough was enough
Smooth n’silky Mira Matterhorn
Looked like a golden unicorn
She would jump under and over
A four leaf clover
And before you knew it
The story, was over

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