Look at Me!

Hey, hey look at me
That’s my face on your tv

Trying for a shock
Looking for a draw
Hell, I’ll flash anything
Here, hold my bra

Too many channels
And websites to choose
Can’t get no attention
So don’t go and accuse

Me of doing something wrong
Just trying to make a livin’
If you can’t earn it
Then you got to start givin’

What the people want
And who is to say
What they’ll want tomorrow
What they want today
You can judge and preach
Things ain’t what they used to be
Maybe we are getting closer
To our own truth and honesty

There is a sinner and saint
In everyone of us
No matter what tale you spin
Don’t get bent and cause a fuss

We’ll go in circles
Until our time is through
Then the next beings can begin
To fear what they will lose

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