Lost and Found

I searched high and I searched low
I searched in places I didn’t want to go

I walked the streets
I walked in the park
I walked with friends in the light
I walked alone in the dark

I talked to a therapist
I talked to a whore
I talked to my friends
Who just wanted to talk some more

I played with a basketball
I played with a guitar
I played with a knife
That cut deep and left a scar

I dreamed of being rich
I dreamed of being a star
I dreamed of beautiful women
In my bed, both near and far

I looked around the corner
I looked under the bed
I looked in my body
And I looked in my head

I learned how to read and write
I learned about greed and spite
I learned about the birds and the bees
I learned that life isn’t black and white

I felt the earth shake under my feet
I felt the rain pour on my face
I felt a calm flow through my bones
And felt fear leave without a trace

I listened to my teachers
I listened to the man
I listened to the fortune teller
Read the lines on my hand

I looked and I learned
I wanted and I yearned
I asked and I talked
I listened and I walked
To find myself
Only to discover
That hiding under the covers, all along,
Was me

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