Mother Nature

Mother Nature does not care
If you are rich or you are poor
She does not ask permission
To release her powerful roar

You are foolish and silly
To think you can cage her
Sooner or later you will be reminded
That she is Mother Nature

She will destroy what you create
But to her she is simply breathing
She does not judge or question
What she is taking or what she is leaving

For you love to be near her
Though you know some day she will bite
You can not help but get closer
Lulled to sleep in the still of the night

She teases and you fall prey
To her gentle, sleepy breeze
You try to put a wall to stop her,
But she brings you to your knees

You sit around and blame each other
About the destruction that she brings
But she is simply playing her song
This is Mother Nature when she sings

Sometimes you love her tune
Sometimes she sounds off key
To her it is all music
Just Mother Nature’s melody

So keep trying to defy her power
As she gathers strength during your
sleeping hour

For she does not judge, lust or hate,
She does not rattle or retaliate
No, she does what she does

Not for reasons, just because
She must breathe and be
Just singing her sweet melody

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