Our Magical Reece

You came before the due
But knew the time was right
It was a day for giving thanks
The chance to show your fight

Life is a journey
Not a destination
We are in awe of your will
Filled with fascination

Every day is a blessing
Learning something new
A breath, a yawn, a smile
Carving a path only few

Patience is a virtue
You’ve got it in spades
We stare at you for hours
Reece, we are all amazed

It’s not where you start
But how well you play
With you we have learned
To let you lead the way

A fighter through and through
There’s no stopping you
You won’t believe the stories
We promise they are true
We felt the fear inside
But knew you would be fine
Like sunrays on the ocean
We can’t wait to see you shine

Like a crystal clear diamond
Perfect cut and clarity
Those eyes make us melt
Our spirits move like the sea

We are blessed by your presence
Grateful for this chance
We treasure every moment
We appreciate this dance

Born of hope
Raised on possibility
The world is your oyster
Go on and see what you can be

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