Smoke and Mirrors

When business is booming
You can’t wait to take their call
Not so great, look like humpty dumpty
Sitting on a wall

All they want is a comment
But you can’t be reached
When your back is against the wall
Will you practice what you preach?

Not sure if that’s revenue
Flip the numbers, change the order
“no one really pays attentions,
we’ll just make it up next quarter”

Then the next quarter’s results come in
And the analyst says “not so fast”
So you huddle in a dimly lit boardroom
And pull some bullshit out your ass

You blame it on the economy
You promise to send the stock higher
You’ll say just about anything
To keep your ass from getting fired

Don’t worry if they drop the ax
You’ll still walk away with plenty of dough
In a few years they’ll forget this mess
Let you give it another go

And those employees that you whacked
And the investors that got torched
They had to take second mortgages
While you’re still smiling behind your Porsche

If there’s a lesson to be learned
About big biz and Wall Street
Their lips talk about integrity
But their wallets prefer to cheat

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