Spaces in Time

Trying to catch
a smile or hello
Tougher by the day
everyone on the go

Look in the mirror
I’m as bad as the rest
Still up to me
What I focus on next

Slow, quiet moments
Staring at the stars
Strolling on the sidewalk
Cruising in our cars

Fighting for yours
Struggling for mine
All slowly losing
Our spaces in time

Hanging on facebook
Sending a tweet
Gets in the way
Of the people we meet

Got more to do
Can’t stay focused
Busy, busy, busy
Oh Somebody help us

Searching for a glance
chance to say hello
stuck in the race
on your mark, get set, go

Pause for a thought
Take a deep breath
Dream a dream
And take it West

try to find
the white picket fence
will any of this world
start making sense

got gadgets and gizmos
to keep us connected
but these clever devices
are not what we expected

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