The Obit

What will they say when I die?
What I was a kind soul, a good friend,
A pretty good guy?

Will they speak of my dreams
to make the world a better place?
Never afraid to take a chance,
to stare failure right in the face.

Will they say I was a good son,
husband and brother?
Will they remember I was always eager
to connect one hand to another?

Will they remember my easy going style
and the efforts that I made,
to help others be all they could be…
or will those memories fade?fade

Will they talk
about my struggles to focus,
going from one idea to another
a lot of hot air and hocus pocus.

Or that I was lazy, a liar,
a sneak and a cheat,
trying to pretend I was perfect,
avoiding sticky issues to escape the heat.

Will they know about my demons,
always fighting to break free?
Never sure if I’ll amount to any good,
always torn with who I should be.

No I doubt they’ll bring up the ugly stuff.
Keep those memories warm and sweet.
Another opportunity lost,
To acknowledge the beauty
AND the

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