Searching for truth
All we find is fiction
Different points of view
Different definitions

Truth is what happened
Not what we say
Can’t trust our words
With opinions in the way

Truth is a weapon
Mightier than the sword
Keeps us in line
Spinning tales we can’t afford

There is no truth
We are a pile of lies
Don’t like the way it looks
Put on another disguise

So little time, so many worlds
Some we see, others we hide
Can’t trust ourselves
No where we can confide

We are scared of the truth
And what it my reveal
Loose lips sink ships
Not how it looks, but how we feel

Feelings show the truth
A picture in need of no words
Shows a simple point in time
No matter if it helps or if it hurts

The truth hurts
and it heals
It wins
And loses deals
The truth is hard
and it is soft
And you think you’ve found it
But at what cost?

This is just one man’s opinion
So take it with a grain of salt
No closer to the truth
No one to blame, no one’s fault

It just is what it is
And not what it’s not
Don’t remember what I said
No worries…I already forgot

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