I don’t like you
You’re not very nice
If I’ve told you once
I’ve told you twice

You are slow
One speed Nick
Teach you a lesson
Show you a trick

Open doors
Take smaller bites
Check for bed bugs
Turn off the lights

And you smack
Those potato chips
Wipe those crumbs
Off of your lips

Think of someone
Other than yourself
Better shape up
Or you’re bound for the shelf

You don’t get it
Why don’t you listen?
Big as a barn
But you keep missin’

The point,
Of it all,
Not if you rise
Not if you fall

You’re irresponsible
Can’t make a buck
If it wasn’t for me
You’d be out of luck

You’re not funny
Why can’t you laugh?
Good with numbers
You do the math

I keep givin’
Look at my life
What am I gettin’

End of the stick
There’s a whole litter
What did I pick?

You mumble
Can’t hear what you say
Same ol’ crap
Different time, different day

Not what I need
Spelling is obvious
Why can’t you read?

The writing
That is on the wall
In the summer, winter
Spring and fall

You are dumb
Stick with your lattes
I’ll keep my chai tea

You are weak
Can’t feel no muscle
You’re full of jive
But missin’ the hustle

I can’t stand it
When you complain
Stand up for yourself
You take the blame

Your promises
To me they are useless
I want results
Not more excuses

I’m sick
And I’m tired
I’ve had enough
You’re fired

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