After far too many years of keeping a lid on my creativity, I have unlocked my passion and given myself permission to pursue my creative endeavors, in whatever forms and shapes it takes. I appreciate you taking the time to explore and enjoy some of my current forms of creativity and self-expression.


Songwriting provides an opportunity for me to tell a story in a couple of hundred words and a few chords. Words deliver the message I want to share and music delivers the mood. Most of my songs are autobiographical in nature but I have also begun to find imaginary personas, enabling me to share feelings, thoughts, and ideas that I can imagine but have not yet experienced.

As I grow and evolve, my songwriting does, right along with me.
Enjoy Nicholas's Music


When I start a new piece of art, it is often with a blank slate. If I do have an idea, there is no telling where it will eventually go. I trust the creative process.

Sometimes along the process of creating, an idea or image emerges and informs the remainder of the piece but I don’t look for it or expect it. I find delight when someone sees one of my pieces and expresses how it makes them feel or what they see, which as I have discovered, is rarely what I see.

I create my artwork using only found or donated materials. This is consistent with my minimalist values and belief that my creativity expands when I incorporate the challenge of eliminating the ability to have what I want and instead be open to what is shared with or found.

For me, art is the ideal medium to express what I feel, in whatever format I choose. The freedom to express my feelings. That is creativity. That is art.
Enjoy Nicholas's Art